Eureka! We didn’t find anything

12/08/2016 - 10:15

Today, a neutrino even more elusive than its fellows is under the spotlight:  the sterile neutrino. The Antarctic neutrino detector IceCube has already proven itself with the first detection of cosmic neutrinos in 2013. Today, IceCube constrains the existence of this hypothetical fourth neutrino. The only way to see this mysterious particle is to observe the effect it has on the other neutrinos, the ones that IceCube can detect.  Analysing the data collected over the course of a year at the IceCube detector however, scientists did not find any trace of the sterile neutrino. IceCube will update these results with more data and physicists are getting more and more excited to see what else sterile neutrinos could uncover about the ultimate neutrino theory.

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