Michaël Nicolai

Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Room 4G110
Pleinlaan 2
1050 Brussels | Belgium

Michaël is studying how coloration evolved in four ecomorphs (arboreal, aquatic, burrowing and terrestrial) of an adaptive radiation of ranoid frogs. He uses transcriptomics, spectrophotometry and hyperspectral imaging along with chemical analyses and transmission electron microscopy to reconstruct the pathways leading to coloration at the phenotypic, cellular and molecular level. All this information is integrated in phylogenetic analyses to reconstruct differences and similarities in the evolution of frog coloration.

Nicolai, M.P.J., Porchetta, S., Balakrishna, S., Botha, D.P. & P.J.R. Kok, 2016. - Preliminary observations on the circadian variation in site fidelity in Atelopus hoogmoedi (Lescure, 1974) (Anura, Bufonidae). Amphibian and Reptile Conservation, in press