Physical Geography

Current research projects

Ice and Climate

  • NEEM (North Greenland Eemian Ice Drilling): modelling the Greenland ice sheet in support of ice-core drilling.
  • ISMIP6: intercomparison of presently existing ice-sheet and ice-shelf models.
  • IPCC: response of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets to future greenhouse warming and their contribution to future sea-level change.
  • MORTERATSCH: A glaciological field programme on an Alpine glacier since 2001 focusing on radio-echo sounding (ice thickness), flow characteristics (ice velocity), and mass balance in combination with numerical modeling.
  • Ice2sea: an EU FP7 project to further refine projections of the large ice sheets over the next 200 years and their contribution to sea level change.
  • iCLIPS: Constraining long-term climate and sea-level projections using the Last Interglacial


Volcanology, Geomorphology and Natural Hazards

  • Q-LavHA: A plugin to simulate lava flows - PhD project of Sophie Mossoux (VUB)
    Co-authors:  Stefania Bartolini, Sam Poppe, Frank Canters, Matthieu Kervyn (VUB)
  • AfReSlide: - BELSPO project : Landslides in Equatorial Africa: Identifying culturally, technically and economically feasible resilience strategies.
  • GEORISCA - BELSPO Science for Sustainable Development 2012-16: Geo-risk in Central Africa: integrating multi-hazards and vulnerability to support risk management.
  • VLIR South-Initiative - Tanzania 2013-15: Increasing teaching and research capacities on geological processes, resources and hazard management in the Northern Tanzania Volcanic Zone (NTVZ)
  • VLIR South-Initiative - Uganda 2013-2015: Identification and analysis of land degradation hot spots, their socio-economical and physical controls and implications in the Mt Rwenzori region. -
  • FWO Credit to Researcher: Analogue modelling of morpho-structural processes in active volcano-tectonic regions.
  • FWO Post-doc - Audray Delcamp: Modelling volcano-tectonic interactions in a trans-tensional domain: The North Tanzanian sector of the East African Rift System.