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IAP (final) meeting Brussels, ULB, Thursday December 21st, 2017
Meeting of the Belgian IUP network on fundamental interactions - June 16th, 2016, Université Catholique de Louvain
    Agenda and slides
      Welcome - Jean-Marie Frère
      Flavor anomalies - Sébastien Descotes-Genon
      Direct and Indirect Signatures of HDM at IceCube - Atri Bhattacharya
      Black holes in AdS and holographic applications - Allessandra Gnecchi
      The Di-boson excitement at the LHC : EXP - Reza Goldouzian
      The DI-boson excitement at the LHC : TH - Alberto Mariotti
      BSM searches in the BEH sector in CMS - Hugues Brun
      b/c tagging in CMS - Petra Van Mulders
      Future BEH studies at the HL-LHC - Miguel Vidal
      EFT approach to New Physics searches at the LHC - Eleni Vryonidou
      Interplay between inflation and SUSY breaking - Lucien Heurtier
Meeting of the Belgian IUP network on fundamental interactions - December 18th, 2015, University of Antwerp
    Agenda and slides
      Welcome and Status of the F.I. network - Jean-Marie Frère
      Highlights from the CMS experiment at a new energy fronteer - Didar Dobur
      Higher derivative couplings in supergravity - Gabriele Tartaglino-Mazzucchelli
      Scalar boson measurements in CMS - Georgaia Karapostoli (cancelled)
      Satus of the Research and Development on Resistive Plate Chambers for an upgrade of the CMS muon system at the 3rd Long Shutdown - Aexis Fagot
      Forward Physics and small-x QCD results from CMS Run2 - Hans Van Haevermaet
      Lepton Number Violating Minimal Dark Matter - Daniel Wegman
      Dark matter searches with IceCube - Jan Luenemann (cancelled)
      Neutrino and Gamma Lines from Dark Matter Decay - Chaime El Aisati
      Simulations of the Universe and General Relativity - Christian Fidler
      SM results from the LHC - Simon De Visscher
Fundamental interactions and IAP meeting - June 19th,  2015, ULB
    Agenda and slides
      Introductions and news of the network - Barbara Clerbaux
      The LOFAR experiment - Stijn Buitink
      Aspects of Holographic Cosmology - Adam Bzowski
      Probing the Inert Doublet Model and Minimal Dark Matter Scenarios with Cerenkov Telescopes - Camilo Carcia-Cely
      CMS readiness for the LHC Run2 - Tiziano Camporesi
      Searches for resonances at the LHC - Adain Randle-Conde
      Precision physics at the LHC: ewk corrections - Davide Pagani
      Highlights of Top Physics Results from CMS at LHC Run I - Efe Yazgan
      Exploring the Three-Dimensional Structure of the Nucleon with Quantum Chromodynamics - Cristian Pisano
      Are two scalar bosons better than one? di-H(125) studies at CMS - Olivier Bondu
      VBF scalar to bb analysis - Sara Alderweireldt
      IceCube-Gen2: the future extension of the IceCube neutrino observatory in Antartica - Simona Toscano
► IAP Belgian meeting - December 19th,  2014, KULeuven
    Agenda and slides
      Search for sterile neutrinos at the Belgian BR2 reactor - Nick Van Remortel
      B-L violation with and without Majorana masses - Julian Heeck
      Gauge-coupling unification through new fermions - Catarina Simoes
      Holographic thermalization and AdS (in)stability - Joris Vanhoof
      IceCube: The Birth of Neutrino Astronomy - Nick Van Eijndhoven
      Measurement of the scalar natural width with CMS - Loic Quertenmont
      Open Effective Field Theory and the Early Universe - Matthew Williams
      Latest V+jets measurements from CMS - Anastasia Grebenyuk
      Boosted event topologies for BSM searches at the LHC - Mihailo Backovic
► IAP Belgian meeting - December 19th,  2013, UCL
    Agenda and slides
      Introduction - Jean-Marie Frère
      Dark Matter Review - Prof. Nicolao Fornengo
      Results from the LUX experiment and presentation of LUX-ZEPLIN - Prof. Timothy Sumner
      SUSY and dark matter searches at the LHC - Prof. Steven Lowette
      Multi-lepton signals of GMSB at the LHC - Christoffer Petersson
      Attribution of the Robert Brout Prize - IAP Board
      Evidence of multi-TeV neutrinos in IceCube and presenation of ARA - Thomas Meures
      Summary of the past "Future experiments" sessions - Prof. Nick Van Remortel
      Holographic thermalization - Alice Bernamonti
      Seeking for a multiscalar sector - David Lopez-Val
      LHC results on the 125 GeV boson decaying to fermions - Abdollah Mohammadi
► IAP Meeting spring 2013
    ► UGent, June 14th 2013
      ► Website IAP Spring Meeting
      Wilson lines and loops in Quantum Field Theory: conceptual issues and applications - Igor Cherednikov
      Second look at the string theory landscape - Thomas Van Riet
      Gauge mediation beyond Minimal Flavor Violation - Lorenzo Calibbi
      Overview of the CMS tracker upgrade - Tomas Hreus
      Overview of the CMS muon system upgrade - Michael Tytgat
      Small-x QCD at LHC - Albert Knutsson
      Status of IAP Network - Jean-Marie Frère
      Observation of the standard model scalar decay in bbbars pairs and related standard model processes measurements by the CMS experiment - Robert Castello
      Search for the Standard Model Scalar produced via Vector Boson fusion and decaying into bbar - Sara Alderweireldt
      Cosmic ray composition measurements with IceCube - Tom Feussels
      The Muppets on Ice Starring: Bert & Ernie at the South Pole - Nick Van Eijndhoven
      Upward mobility: random walks to galaxies (with correlated steps) - Marcello Musso
Plenary meeting and Kick-Off - December 20th, 2012, Brussels
    Agenda and slides
      Welcome - Jean-Marie Frère
      Viable Lepton-Baryon number violation at the TeV scale - Gauthier Durieux (UCL)
      Searching for Lepton-Baryon number violation with CMS - Divide Pagano (UCL)
      Reports from the IceCube Neutrino Observatory - Kael Hanson (IIHE)
      Searching for Dark Matter with the Fermi Large Area Telescope - Michael Gustafsson (ULB)
      Duality and Geometry in String Theory - Dan Thompson (VUB)
      High-mass scalar boson searches and anomalous triple gauge couplings - Jian Wang (IIHE)
      Spin/parity for a new resonance decaying into τ+/τ- - Kentarou Mawatari (VUB)