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Common and Advanced Courses

Below are listed courses are offered at the level of the bachelors and masters programme that are appropriate . Some of the bachelor courses would also be useful as optional courses for those master students who did not follow them before. The default teaching language is indicated, however the teaching language can usually be modified when there are English speaking students, please contact the responsible professor for inquiries.


Course name University


Course responsible Sem. More information
Deeltjesfysica (Particle Physics) KUL NL Profs. Nathal SEVERIJNS and Thomas VAN RIET 2nd course info
Kwantumveldentheorie (Quantum Field Theory) VUB NL Prof. Alexander SEVRIN 1st course info
Gevorderde veldentheory (Advanced Field Theory) KUL NL Prof. Antoine VAN PROEYEN 1st course info
Electroweak and Strong Interactions VUB EN Prof. Alexander SEVRIN 2nd
course info
Introduction to Cosmology KUL&VUB EN Profs. Christoffel WAELKENS (KUL) and Ben CRAPS (VUB) 2nd
course info
Experimental simulation techniques UA NL Prof. Nick VAN REMORTEL 2nd course info
Accelerator Physics UA NL Prof. Pierre VAN MECHELEN 2nd course info
QCD and MC techniques UA NL Prof. Hannes JUNG 1st course info
Data-Acquisition UA EN Prof. Nick VAN REMORTEL 2nd  
Subatomic Physics II VUB EN Prof. Jorgen D'HONDT 2nd course info
Experimental techniques in Particle Physics  UA-VUB EN Profs. Albert DE ROECK (UA) and Steven LOWETTE (VUB) 1st course info
Physics Beyond the Standard Model ULB-VUB EN Profs. Jean-Marie FRERE (ULB) and Steven LOWETTE (VUB) 1st course info 

Simulation of Physics Phenomena and Detectors in Modern Physics

VUB EN Prof. Freya BLEKMAN 1st course info