Dennis DE RYCK

Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Room 7F412

Pleinlaan 2

1050 Brussel

+32-2-629 34 33

My personal interest has always been ecology, biodiversity and nature management, which I now use in the practical courses and field excursions I am responsible for, as well in my research work on the mangrove ecosystem. My research work is part of a larger research framework where we try to entangle the dispersal dynamics of mangrove propagules. This through three different but complementary approaches, namely, propagule dispersal experiments, population genetics and dispersal modeling, where I now focus on the first two for my PhD. Knowledge on dispersal dynamics of mangroves is generally lacking as it is difficult to study in situ, especially large-scale processes such as effective long-distance dispersal. However, this makes it a challenging and often rewarding subject to study.

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van der Ven, R.; Triest, L.; De Ryck, D.; Mwaura, J.; Mohammed, M.; Kochzius, M. (2016). Population genetic structure of the stony coral Acropora tenuis shows high but variable connectivity in East Africa. J. Biogeogr. 43(3): 510-519.

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