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I am a Cameroonian national conducting my PhD research at the Laboratory of Plant Biology and Nature Management (Conservation Ecology research group). My PhD is funded by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel - International Relations and Mobility Office (VUB - IRMO) Doctoral Scholarship. My project entails the investigation of the genetic connectivity, and (seed) dispersal patterns, of mangrove areas of the coast of Cameroon (West African coastline). I have been involved in several field expeditions during which I have carried out field experiments on propagule dispersal and establishment, as well as done extensive sampling of plant material (propagules and leaf tissue) for genetic analyses in the APNA Laboratory. My study focuses on multi-scaled analyses of genetic connectivity – at fine-scale I am assessing pollen transfer and transportation distances, matting systems and parentage analysis, at transect level; as well as connectivity of forest patches within an estuary (local scale) to regional-scale gene flow among estuaries of the entire coastline. For my genetic analyses I am making use of microsatellite markers, which I had isolated and standardized in the APNA laboratory earlier in research. In the near future, I will like to work with samples from other mangrove areas of the West African coastline, for a more holistic understanding of the phylogeography and patterns of genetic connectivity; as well as with samples from the east coast of Central and South America, to better understand the hypothesis of trans-oceanic dispersal.

Ngeve MN, Van der Stocken T, Menemenlis D, Koedam N, Triest L (2016). Contrasting Effects of Historical Sea Level Rise and Contemporary Ocean Currents on Regional Gene Flow of Rhizophora racemosa in Eastern Atlantic Mangroves. PLOS one doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0150950.

Ngeve MN, Sierens T, Koedam N, Triest L. (2016). Bidirectional gene flow on a river mangrove landscape and between-catchment dispersal of Rhizophora racemosa (Rhizophoraceae). Submitted to Hydrobiologia

Ngeve MN, Leermakers M, Elskens M, Kochzius M (2015). Assessment of trace metal pollution in sediments and intertidal fauna at the coast of Cameroon. Environ Monit Assess. 187:337. DOI 10.1007/s10661-015-4574-7.