Nathalie TONNÉ

Nathalie TONNÉ

Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Room 7F403a
Pleinlaan 2
1050 Brussels | Belgium


Within the Ecology and Biodiversity researchgroup, the ANEMA (Anatomy and Ecophysiology of Mangroves) group specialises in research on the anatomy and ecophysiology of mangroves. My research focuses on the viviparous mangrove seedlings (conspicuous elongated, cylinder-shaped structures) belonging to the family Rhizophoraceae. Through the combined use of several techniques such as dendrometry, scanning electron microscopy, microtomy/light microscopy and (micro)CT-scanning, I hope to gain a more complete understanding of their on-tree development and post-abscission buoyancy behaviour, establishment and growth.

This project is funded by the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO). Promotor is Prof. Dr. Nico Koedam, co-promotor is Hans Beeckman from the Royal Museum for Central Africa.

Tonné, N., Beeckman, H., Robert, E.M.R. & Koedam, N. (2017). Towards an unknown fate: The floating behaviour of recently abscised propagules from wide ranging Rhizophoraceae mangrove species. Aquatic Botany 140, p. 23-33.

Pinceel, T., Wynants, E., Tonné, N., Brendonck, L. & Vanschoenwinkel, B. (2016). µCT scanning – A novel method for in vivo 3D characterization of zooplankton propagules. Limnology and Oceanography: Methods.

Lechthaler, S., Robert, E. M. R., TONNé, N., Prusova, A., Van As, H., Koedam, N. & Windt, C. W. (2016). Rhizophoraceae Mangrove Saplings Use Hypocotyl and Leaf Water Storage Capacity to Cope with Soil Water Salinity Changes. Frontiers in Plant Science 7, p. 1-13.

Tonné, N., Koedam, N., Buls, N., De Mey, J., Beeckman, H. & Robert, E. Mar (2016). Computed Tomography and light microscopy: combining visualisation techniques in the study of mangrove seedling development. IAWA Journal. 37, 1, p. 28-47.