Prof. Dr.

Philippe TASSIN

Postal address:
Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Physics Department
Applied Physics Research Group
Pleinlaan 2, 1050 Brussels, Belgium

  • Metamaterials, Left-Handed Materials, and Transformation Optics: We study and design electromagnetic and optical metamaterials. These are engineered materials in which atoms are replaced by electric circuits or plasmonic elements as the basic constituents in the interaction with electromagnetic radiation. By proper design, we can create materials with properties that go beyond those of natural materials. A subclass of metamaterials is formed by the left-handed materials, which are materials with negative index of refraction. They are characterised by exotic electromagnetic propagation, such as backward wave propagation, negative refraction, inverse Doppler effect, and negative diffraction. We also design proof-of-principle applications based on metamaterials.
  • Nonlinear Cavity Optics: We study the spatiotemporal behaviour of nonlinear optical resonators, such as Kerr resonators, optical parametric oscillators, and laser systems containing left-handed materials. We construct models for such systems, and investigate the formation and the properties of dissipative structures and cavity solitons.
  • Semiconductor Ring Lasers: We study the dynamics of semiconductor ring lasers and construct models to describe their behaviour. The bistability and switching exhibited by these lasers are promising for all-optical data processing.