Tijn followed the Master Herpetology at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and is now investigating the adaptive role of amphibian defense peptides for his PhD, in collaboration with Ghent University. He is interested in how complex cocktails of peptide toxins might provide a frog with protection against pathogens and predators. His current research combines in vitro and in vivo approaches with behavioral tests to investigate peptide toxins in several amphibian families.

Sabino-Pinto, J., Mayerl, C.J.,  Meilink, W.R.M., Grasso, D., Raaijmakers, C.C.B., Russo, V.G., Segal, M., Stegen, G., Clegg, J., Srikanthan, A.N., Glaw, F. & M. Vences, 2014. - Descriptions of the advertisement calls of three sympatric frog species in the subgenus Vatomantis (genus Gephyromantis) from Madagascar. Herpetology Notes 7: 67-73.