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General Chemistry Research Group (ALGC)

Research activities are mainly situated in the fundamental and applied aspects of conceptual DFT, applied aspects of conceptual DFT, in which the study of chemical reactivity occupies a central position. This work can be divided into three main parts: (1) Development and/or implementation of reactivity indices, (2) Use and study of reactivity indices within the framework of principles, such as Hard and Soft Acids and Bases principle, the principle of maximum hardness or the principle of electronegativity equalization, (3) use of concepts and principles in application in organic and inorganic chemistry, catalysis, biochemistry, and nanochemistry. In recent years the focus has mainly been on the evaluation, representation and interpretation of the Linear Response Function.

From this main line four new research lines emerged in a natural way, details of which you can find in the Research Overview

  • Inverse Design
  • Molecular Electronics
  • Molecular Switches
  • Molecular Dynamics

If you are interested in a PhD or Post-Doc postition in the General Chemistry Research Group (ALGC) of the Free University of Brussels in one or more of the above mentioned research projects please contact Prof. Dr. F. De Proft


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