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93 papers met internationale tijdschriften
met peer-reviewing tussen 1991-2006

Meest kenmerkende zijn:
  • LOEB, M.J., CLARK, E.A., BLACKBURN, M, HAKIM, R.S., ELSEN, K. & SMAGGHE, G. (2003). Stem cells from midguts of Lepidopteran larvae: Clues to the regulation of stem cell fate. Archives of Insect Biochemistry and Physiology, 53, 186-198.
  • SMAGGHE, G.J., ELSEN, K., LOEB, M.J., GELMAN, D. B. & BLACKBURN, M. (2003). Effects of a fat body extract on larval midgut cells and growth of Lepidoptera. In Vitro Cellular and Developmental Biology—Animal, 39, 8-12.
  • SMAGGHE, G., VANHASSEL, W., MOEREMANS, C., DE WILDE, D., GOTO, S., LOEB, M. J., BLACKBURN, M. B. & HAKIM, R. S. (2005). Stimulation of midgut stem cell proliferation and differentiation by insect hormones and peptides. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 1040, 472-475.
  • MOMMAERTS, V., STERK, G. & SMAGGHE, G. (2006). Hazards and uptake of chitin synthesis inhibitors in bumblebees Bombus terrestris. Pest Management Science, 62, 752-758.
  • MOMMAERTS, V., STERK, G. & SMAGGHE, G. (2006). Bumblebees can be used in combination with juvenile hormone analogues and ecdysone agonists. Ecotoxicology, 15, 513-521.
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