Earth System Science is an interdisciplinary group set up to unite scientists working on the global evolution of the planet. The research is essentially focused on the physical environment of the Earth, its evolution through time, and the interactions between the biosphere and the geosphere.

The group carries out projects in a variety of themes such as global changes, climatology, hydrology, archeology, oceanography biogeochemistry, remote sensing and geophysics. The accent is on two scientific approaches: mathematical modeling and the use of isotopes and trace elements to document biogeochemical processes.

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Key Publications

Westside story of Antarctic ice: Huybrechts, Ph., Nature, 458, 295-296, 2009.

Lethal billards, Claeys, Ph. and Goderis S., Nature, 449, 30-31, 2007.

Revisiting Carbon Flux through the Oceanís Twilight Zone: Buesseler K.O., C.H. Lamborg, P.W. Boyd, P.J. Lam, J.K.B. Bishop, K.L., Casciotti, F. Dehairs, M. Elskens, M. Honda, D.M. Karl, D. Siegel, M.W. Silver, D.K. Steinberg, T.W. Trull, J. Valdes, B. Van Mooy and S. Wilson, Science, 316, 567-570, 2007.

Burial at sea: Middelburg J.J., Meysman F.J.R., Science 316, 1294-1295, 2007.

Comet or asteroid shower in the late Eocene, Tagle, R., and Claeys, Ph., Science 305, 492, 2004.

Eight glacial cycles from an Antarctic ice core, EPICA Community Members including Huybrechts, Ph., Nature, 429, 623-628, 2004.

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