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  • 09/10/2015



Geo-environmental expertise

Research in urban environmental geosciences started at the VUB officially in 2008 with the BONat project supported by Brussels Environment BIM/IBGE. The cartographic results can be viewed in Maps This project results from Philippe Claeys innate interest as a geologist, to understand recurrent flooding in the Southeastern part of Brussels and document its causes as anthropogenic and/or natural ?

During this period, Kevin De Bondt and Philippe Claeys have helped local administrations (Brussels city, Jette, Forest, Brussels Environment), construction, engineering and design/planning Co (CFE, MESO, AAC Architecture) as well as several citizen groups to understand at the local scale the hydro-geology of several urban municipalities (Erasme-Anderlecht, Jette, Forest, Neder-Over-Hembeek, Engeland-Uccle, Flagey-Ixelles, Bourdon-Uccle,...) within Brussels. They also support a citizen group called Eau Water Zone (EWZ) that champions the better management of urban-waters.

Over the last years, the members of the research unit Urban Environmental Geosciences have learned to listen to practical questions asked by the city actors and to answer quickly with ad hoc hydro-geological solutions, maps and database consulting. The goal of the new project (Urban Water Cycle) is to continue interactions with all these partners, to develop new contacts and to exchange information about the local geology and its interactions with new building projects or its effect on inundations. The approach fits in a context of sustainable development within a densely urbanized metropolis. Three specific forms are available to collect helpful data on floods, infiltration, geological drillings and hydraulic heads forms

Two tools are also being developed to build a better understanding of the urban hydrogeological cycles in Brussels and to map its interactions (in the past and nowadays). Click Here.

If you are confronted at any levels with difficult questions about local hydrogeology and/or infiltration capacity or techniques, please Contact Us.

Example of contributions for water management in Brussels :

Rain water management at the scale of a small district.
Rain water management at the local scale (house).
Description of water management tools.
Usage of natural storm-water basins.

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