Belgian Geography Days

The Geography Department of the Vrije Universiteit hosted the 6th Belgian Geography Days on November 13-14 2015.

We thank all of you who attended and made this event a great success!

An account and the pictures of the Belgian Geography Days can be found on and on VUBToday.


Final scientific program

Book of abstracts


Definitieve programma (NL)

Programme définitif (FR)

Workshops & presentations material (NL & FR)





Circulars Teachers Day, Saturday, November 14:     3de circulaire (Nederlands)   |   3ème circulaire (Français)

Circulars Researchers Day, Friday, November 13:         1st circular   |   2nd circular   |   4th circular


Economic globalization and uneven development, international migration and urban (super)diversity, climate change, traffic congestion, urban sprawl, natural disasters, geopolitical conflicts, land degradation, food security, management of natural resources ... our world is currently confronted with major challenges, from the local to the global scale, with an intrinsic spatial nature. At the crossroads of the human and natural sciences, geography occupies a unique position to document complex processes with a range of observation techniques and develop integrated analyses with advanced spatial modelling. The wide range of issues addressed, however, makes it challenging to define the essence of geographical research, to clearly communicate its added value to the public and policy-makers, and to defend its specificity in secondary school teaching in order to recruit future university students.

The Belgian Geography Days 2015 will focus on the contribution of geographical research to the tackling of present and future challenges within our society. With 2015-2016 being officially proclaimed as the International Map Year, specific attention will be given to the use of contemporary spatial data, mapping techniques and representations for a critical and integrated analysis of spatial processes. Scientific contributions highlighting the relevance of geographical research for contributing to ongoing and upcoming societal debates at various spatial scales are strongly encouraged. Throughout the different thematic sessions, participants will get a taste of the future of geography research in Belgium and beyond.
We especially encourage young scientists to present their research. In addition to oral presentations, an extended poster session is foreseen. Posters will be shortly presented orally and prizes for best posters will be awarded.