Analytical, Environmental and Geo- Chemistry

Research Projects

Research at AMGC is very diverse and centered on a large analytical arsenal centered on isotope ratios determination, major and trace elements analyses and application of the CALUX Bioassays System. The group focuses on planetary sciences, impact craters and meteorties, recent and ancient paleoclimate and paleoenvironment reconstructions, bioarchaeology, as well as environmental chemistry and detection/tracing of pollution.

Ongoing emblematic projects are listed below 

- CRIME - Cremation or Inhumation of Ancient Populations ? A Multidisciplinary Question at the European Level - Research Foundation Flanders (FWO)

PARADI2S: Parasitic Diversity, vectors, host and transfers in Early Cretaceous Dinosaurs Associated Vertebrates - BRAINS - Belgian Science Policy Office (BELSPO)

IGUANODON 2.0: Shepherding the "Belle époque" Bernissart Iguanodon Collection into the 21st Century - BRAINS - Belgian Science Policy Office (BELSPO)

- DESIRED: Tracing differentiation processes through siderophile elements, from meteorites to giant ore deposits - BRAINS - Belgian Science Policy Office (BELSPO)

- ET HOME: Evolution and Tracers of the Habitability of Mars and Earth - An EOS - Excellence of Science project of FWO & FNRS

LUMIERE - Landscape Use and Mobility In EuRopE : Bridging the gap between cremation and inhumation - ERC Starting grant Professor Christophe Snoeck

- CRUMBEL: Cremations, Urns and Mobility Ancient Population Dynamics in Belgium - An EOS - Excellence of Science project of FWO & FNRS

- TRIBOREMEDY: The triboreactor as breakthrough remediation strategy for safeguarding human and environmental health: EU H2020 project


- THE MAKE UP OF THE CITY - VUB Interdisciplinary research program

- SUBLIMUS - Characterizing metal content & extraction potential in domestic sludge- INNOVIRIS (Brussels research agency) project

- BAMM - Belgian Antarctic Meteorites and Micrometeorites to document solar system - BRAINS - Belgian Science Policy Office (BELSPO)

- CHICXULUB - Chicxulub 2016 IODP-ICDP deep drilling: From cratering to mass extinction - BRAINS - Belgian Science Policy Office (BELSPO)

- CHASE - Unravelling Particle Chemistry in Dronning Maud Land: from atmosphere to surface snow - BRAINS - Belgian Science Policy Office (BELSPO)

+ Several ongoing projects Research Foundation Flanders FWO