Availability diplomas 2020-2021

18/01/2022 - 10:30

Diploma really needed? 

If you do not need your diploma urgently, we advise you to wait. Due to the current COVID19-situation, travel to campus is still strongly discouraged and should be limited as much as possible. We will safely keep your diploma and you can pick it up later. 

Tip: For most purposes (e.g. job interview or enrolment at another institution) an official graduation certificate is sufficient.  
Did you not receive your graduation certificate? Contact Student Administration (OWSA) and request a duplicate. 


Pick up

If you really need your diploma urgently, you can pick it up during the opening hours faculty secretariat:

When picking up, please keep in mind the safety measures in place on campus and bring your ID/passport

If you have designated someone else to pick up your diploma, they must be able to present the follow documents:  

  • Signed power of attorney, written or printed 
  • Copy of your ID (mandating person) 
  • Their own ID


Currently abroad? 

Do you urgently need your diploma, but are your living or currently residing abroad? If you are unable to pick up your diploma or to extend a power of attorney, you can choose to have it sent to you via DHL.  

Send the following details via email to facwe@vub.be

  • Your name and full address (incl. Country, state/province, postal code and city/town); 
  • Your personal email address and (mobile) phone number.  



You still have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us via facwe@vub.be