Dr. Camille Gaulier now works as Surface Water Quality Engineer at Bruxelles Environnement - Leefmilieu Brussel 


Project title:

Geochemical behavior of pollutants in the marine environment.

Project summary:

The metallic and organic contamination of marine ecosystem in the Belgian coasts has led to a need of a better understanding of their impact on the aquatic environment. The fate and the ecotoxicity of these trace elements are strongly linked with their chemical speciation, which constantly evolves in space and time.

Within the framework of the NewSTHEPS project, we aim to develop novel speciation-sensitive procedures for the monitoring of contamination levels in the Belgian coastal environment. Furthermore, we aim to trace the suspended particulate matter towards its origin and monitor the chemical anthropogenic pressure on coastal ecosystems.

Field sites:

Belgian Coastal Zone (North Sea, Belgium)


DGT, Particulate matter, trace metals, ICP-MS, EA-IRMS


Prof. Yue Gao

Prof. Gabriel Billon (Université de Lille 1)