Carina Gerritzen

PhD student on FWO project CRIME

MSc Geosciences, University of Cologne, Germany, 2021
BSc Geosciences, University of Cologne, Germany, 2017

Office F.8.13

Title: Developing new isotopic tools for the study of burnt skeletal remains

In my research as a doctoral candidate at the Vrije Univertiseit Brussels I will test new isotopic proxies for the study of calcined bone (Sr, Nd, & Pb), as well as re-evaluate the potential of charred bone for isotopic studies.

I developed an extensive background in the understanding and application of isotope systems as a tool to answer scientific questions during my master’s in Geosciences at the University of Cologne.
In my master’s and bachelor’s studies at the university of cologne I have applied multiple isotope systematics (Re-Os, Ru, K, Sm-Nd, Lu-Hf, Rb-Sr) to analyze mantle derived rocks with the main research interest in the formation and evolution of our planet. My research so far has shown that the smallest things can tell the most interesting stories. I am very excited to use my laboratory experience to fill gaps in history and to synthesize my geological experience with archeological questions.

My supervisors are Prof. Dr. Ir. Christophe Snoeck and Prof. Dr. Steven Goderis.