DIMA: Digital Mathematics

Solution Analyst

This position is part of IOF Proof of Concept (POC) funding which is intended for research that is in the transitory phase of proof of concept to proof of principle.

The POC project CAPTCHA 2.0 - Completely Automated Processing of scanned Text documents by teaching Computers how Humans Analyze them builds further upon the well-known CAPTCHA's

These were introduced to prevent spam attacks by exploiting that computer vision has not (yet?) reached human capabilities, meanwhile helping with image-to-text processing of old book scans. Humans are indeed superior in recognizing text from complicated layouts, be it because of typesetting or quality of a scan. We can read with ease glossy magazines, bilingual articles or old manuscripts where letters are distorted because of creases or tears, by combining visual cues with layout and language understanding. Although Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is around since the 90s, the performance of existing text recognition software is still too low for companies to use it in a fully automatic document processing pipeline, mainly because of the lack of a satisfying layout understanding. This is exactly where our PoC comes into the picture (pun intented).

DIMA developed an AI technique - Document Segmentation with Probabilistic Homogeneity (DSPH) - that mimics the human visual processing of document images which, when applied right before OCR, can bring automatic processing of scanned document images to the next level. This has a huge potential for document workflows in industry (e.g. automatic processing of scanned invoices, payslips ...) where human interventions/interpretations will be drastically reduced or even removed. CAPTCHA 2.0 aims at bringing our technology to the market.

In this context we are looking for a Solution Analyst.


  • Master degree in computer science/engineering or other degree with emphasis on AI. Postdocs can apply as well.

  • Knowledge of data science (statistics, analytics, machine learning)

  • Expertise/affinity with image processing

  • Expertise in software development

  • Coding experience, e.g. in Python or C++

  • Conceptual and innovative thinker

  • Strong communication skills (verbal and written)


As a Solution Analyst you 

  • are responsible for understanding business needs
  • collaborate with the DIMA researchers to deliver high quality, DSPH based solutions
  • provide technical/functional assistance in identifying, developing and evaluating/testing these solutions
  • plan and execute tasks/initiatives

We offer:

A full or part-time position (to be discussed).


Submit your cover letter and full CV before 16/01/2021 via email to Ann.Dooms@vub.be.