ERC Lumiere is hiring

30/10/2020 - 06:30

The ERC starting grant of Professor Christophe Snoeck "Lumiere" is hiring PhD & Post-doctoral researchers, 

LUMIERE - Landscape Use and Mobility In EuRopE : Bridging the gap between cremation and inhumation (website)

This ERC (European Research Council) project aims to shed light on changes in mobility, migration patterns and landscape use of early populations in Europe by bringing together information obtained directly from both cremated and inhumed individuals using state-of-the art bioarchaeology. The aim is to identify and characterise the movement of people on a local, regional and European scale to explain how and why people moved, as well as how they used their surrounding landscape between the Neolithic to the Early Medieval period, when both cremation and inhumation were practised.

Apply here if you are interested in Lumiere ERC project