Florian Deman

Funding: OCeANIC Project (BELSPO)

Joint PhD with University of Liège (ULiège)

MA in Bioengineering sciences – Environmental sciences and technologies – Free University of Brussels (ULB), 2014

BA in Engineering sciences – Bioengineering orientation – Free University of Brussels (ULB), 2012

Room F8.54; Tel: +32-2-6293271

Research output


Sea ice primary production at the Pan-Antarctic scale and nutrient cycling in the Antarctic sea ice covered areas

Sea ice is one of the largest and most dynamic ecosystems on Earth (covering ±10% of the ocean), harboring standing crops similar to productive oceanic regions. In addition to affecting climate through physical processes, sea ice plays a significant but still poorly understood role in the biogeochemical dynamics of the polar oceans. In this context, our research aims to give a better estimation on the primary production in sea ice by using both historical data compilations and in situ tracer incubations and measurements. Also, we tend to improve our understanding of the nitrogen cycle (i.e. concentrations, rates of transformations) within the sea ice during its annual evolution using stable isotopes tools, as well as the potential impact on atmosphere (i.e. N2O production by nitrification and/or denitrification).


Marc Elskens

Frank Dehairs

Bruno Delille – AGO (ULg)