Hannah James

BB lab 

Post-doctoral researcher ERC Lumiere 

  • PhD -Research School of Earth Sciences, Australian National University - 2021
  • Masters of Archaeological Science – Australian National University - 2014
  • Bachelor of Arts (Biological Anthropology) – Australian National University - 2012
  • Bachelor of Science (Biology) – Australian National University – 2012
  • Post-doctoral researcher – School of Archaeology and Anthropology, Australian National University – 2020-2021
+32 2 629 3395

My research focuses on applying isotope geochemistry to answer archaeological questions. Previous research looked at using in situ analysis techniques, SIMS and laser ablation, to measure oxygen and strontium isotopes at a fine-scale within teeth, as well as creating biologically available strontium maps. I have had the opportunity to work on human and faunal bone and tooth samples from a range of spatially and temporally different sites from a Lapita cemetery in Vanuatu, to a Bell Beaker mound in France, an historical cemetery in Guadalupe, collective tombs in Portugal and Neanderthal burials. My current research focuses on applying isotopic analysis to cremated remains and establishing baseline measurements of biologically available strontium across Europe to allow for studies in human mobility.