Ines Tomasek

Researcher at Université de Clermond-Ferrand, Laboratoires Magmas & Volcans, link to current website 

  • Post-doctoral researcher on SRP Project at AMGC-VUB Brussels
  • PhD Earth Sciences | 2018; Durham University, United Kingdom
  • MEng Environmental Geology | 2013; University of Zagreb, Croatia
  • BEng Geological Engineering | 2011; University of Zagreb, Croatia

I'm a medical geologist and volcanologist working on health and environmental impacts of volcanic eruptions using multidisciplinary approaches and methods across geochemistry and particle toxicology.

Volcanic ash eruptions may severely impact population living near an active volcano and in distal urban areas. Freshly erupted ash is exposed to various physical and chemical processes that may change its surface composition and bioreactivity in the receiving environment. My main research focus is the interactions of volcanic ash with urban air pollutants and potential health effects of their co-exposure.

I use various techniques to physicochemically characterise volcanic ash in order to identify the properties that might impact ash toxicity, including:

Particle surface composition:

Leachable elements - AAS, ICP-MS on ash leachates in simulated lung fluid, simulated gastric fluid, water
Presence of organic compounds - CALUX bioassay

Particle size - DLS
Particle shape - SEM
Bulk composition - XRF, ICP-MS
In vitro toxicology - cytotoxicity, oxidative stress, (pro-)inflammatory response, genotoxicity tests