Kevin Rey

BELSPO Post-doctoral researcher

  • Post-doctoral researcher – 2016/2020 – University of the Witwatersrand

  • PhD. Paleontology and Geochemistry – 2012/2016 – Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1

  • Master 2. Paleontology, Sedimentology et Paleoenvironment – 2011/2012 – Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1

  • Master 1. Paleontology Phylogeny et Paleobiology – 2010/2011 – Université Montpellier 2

  • Bachelor. Earth and Environment Sciences – 2007/2010 – Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1


My research is based on using oxygen and carbon stables isotopes on teeth and bones to understand the paleoecology and paleoenvironment of extinct species. My research focused mostly on therapsids and their co-occurring fauna, including temnospondyls, archosauromorphs and pareiasaurs. Stable isotopes and therapsids combines greatly as they informs of their paleoecology and help understand how this group survived through two mass extinction events, the end-Guadalupian and the end-Permian ones.

My present research still uses oxygen and carbon stables isotopes as proxies but on Cretaceous remains, encompassing coprolites and dinosaurs bones. The goal is to investigate the paleoclimate of different localities as well as identifying the potential producers of the coprolites.