Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Department of Geography
Room F.8.14
Pleinlaan 2
1050 Brussels | Belgium

+32-2-629 33 92

I am a geographer with particular interest in Ice and Climate.

In 2018, I started my PhD about monitoring glaciers all over the world. Next to that, I am creating high resolution digital elevation models of the Morteratsch and Pers glaciers which have already been studied by our research group since 2001, by using photogrammetry and structure from motion algorithms on drone imagery. That way, we determine in an accurate way the local ice dynamics of the Morteratsch glacier complex. 

Currently I am working on the Morteratsch and Pers glacier project to determine to local ice dynamics with the use of SfM on drone imagery in collaboration with the university of Louvain-La-Neuve.

I will also perform a quality check on global glacier inventories for the ESMValTool (Earth System Model eValuation Tool).

Bachelor of Science in Geography (2003-2016), KUL
Bachelor thesis: A snow cover analysis of the Savoie region in the French Alps using MODIS and AVHRR satellites in accordance with local snow data.
Promoter: Prof. Nicole Van Lipzig and Stef Lhermitte

Master of Science in Geography (2016-2018), VUB-KUL
Master thesis: The use of structure from motion (SfM) algorithms on drone imagery to reconstruct surface elevation of the Morteratsch and Pers in glacier in Switzerland.
Promoter: Prof. Philippe Huybrechts
Co-Promotor: Prof. Kristof Van Oost