Lisa Krämer Ruggiu

Lisa Krämer Ruggiu

Education :

  • PhD – Aqueous alteration of meteorites – CEREGE- Univesité Aix-Marseille - 2021
  • Master 2 - Planetology – Université Paris-Saclay - 2018
  • Master 1 - Mineral Ressources - Université de Lorraine Nancy – France - 2017 
  • BSc - Geology – Université de Lorraine Nancy – France - 2016

Room F8.60

My work is focused on the study of the mineralogy and chemistry of meteorites and micrometeorites. I have worked on aqueous alteration of meteorites, such as carbonaceous chondrites and Martian meteorites, in order to understand their parent body alteration history at the start of the Solar System to the younger alteration on Mars surface. I have also worked on parent body linking of meteorites with infrared spectroscopy in order to find new links between meteorites and asteroid parent bodies. Finally, I worked on the classification of meteorites and the characterization of their alteration state, more specifically on primitive samples. I use a multi-methods approach in order to characterize the samples from a macro to a nanoscale using complementary instruments such as optical and electron microscopy (SEM and TEM), Raman and infrared spectroscopies, microprobe, XRD, and SIMS. I am currently working on micrometeorites in order to determine the contribution of meteorite types to the Earth during the early and late stages of accretion.