Marta Marchegiano

Post-Doctoral researcher

  • Postoctoral fellow – 2020 – Imperial College London, UK
  • Phd Earth Science – 2017 – University of Geneva, Switzerland
  • MsC Petroleum Geology – 2011 – University of Perugia, Italy
  • Bsc Geology – 2008 – D’Annunzio University of Chieti –Pescara, Italy

Room F8.57; Tel: +3226293397

My current research is centered on the topic of paleoclimatic and paleoenvironmental reconstructions from different sedimentary records. In particular, my interest is focused on the usage of ostracods in the assessment of paleoclimate impacts on waterbodies, such as the change in salinity, temperature, water chemistry, and sedimentation. Lately, I have commenced to use a multiproxy approach to address the above-mentioned topics in order to produce solid and more robust paleoclimatic models (i.e. stable isotopes and carbonate clumped isotopes). I am at the moment focused on the use of clumped isotope thermometer technique as proxy in palaeoclimatic research.