Natacha Brion

Natacha BRION

Research scientist

  • PhD Bioengineering Science – 1998 – Université Libre de Bruxelles
  • M Bioengineering Science - 1993 – University Libre de Bruxelles
  • Bachelor Bioengineering Science – 1990 - Université Libre de Bruxelles

Room F8.53; Tel: +32-2-6291479


Biogeochemical cycles of elements in human impacted aquatic systems


The general characteristic of my research approach is the combination of studies at the micro (or meso) -scopic scale with ecosystem scale budgets to study biogeochemical transformation pathways. The last five years, the focus of my research is on the global understanding of the biogeochemistry of urban rivers and estuaries where I look at long term trends, anthropogenic disturbances, impact of untreated sewage release and relative role of macrophytes in the mitigation of excessive eutrophic nutrients (N and P). More recently, I started to work on the biogeochemistry of metals in domestic wastewater treatment plants with a focus on precious metals dynamics (Gold, silver and Platinum group elements) and the procedures to recycle them.


Investigated places vary according to projects and include North Sea, Tanganyka Lake (Burundi), The Seine catchment, river and estuary (France), The Scheldt estuary (Belgium and the Netherlands), The Zenne river and catchment (Belgium), the sewers of Paris, the wastewater treatment plants of Paris and Brussels.


- Rivers and cities

- Carbon and nitrogen biogeochemistry

- Elemental budgets at ecosystem scale

- Metals recycling from sludge

- Microplastics in urban rivers