Seminar: “Don’t count so much on Renewables” – Being serious about Climate Change

02/03/2018 - 15:00
Don’t count on Renewables

By Kristof  Cuadros  Perez

Climate Response

“Will Renewable Energies save our Climate?”, “Is the industry not the big driver for Climate Change?”, “Why aren’t Governments doing more?” and “Can individuals really make a difference?” These are just some of the basic questions that often remain unresolved when discussing Climate Change. However, without a clear answer to these questions, it is impossible for our society to respond appropriately to the huge challenges that it imposes to our present and near future.

Climate Response is dedicated to inform you in short and clear terms on the most important facts about Climate Change and the pathways to solutions. It provides you with information from reliable and scientifically sound sources and its message is endorsed by some of the most respected environmental professors in the Benelux.

Our core members have backgrounds in sciences, environmental engineering and economics. Project founder and speaker during the seminar, Kristof Cuadros, has acquired 7 years of working experience at one of the largest environmental companies in the world.