Tessi Loeffelmann


Joint PhD with Department of Archaeology at Durham University  

  • MSc Palaeopathology, 2014, Durham University, UK

  • MA (Joint Honours) Archaeology and History, 2013, Glasgow University, UK

I graduated with a MA Joint Honours degree in Archaeology and History from Glasgow University in 2013 and subsequently completed an MSc in Palaeopathology at Durham University with Distinction. After this, I worked in commercial archaeology for two years until 2016 when I started my co-tutelle PhD part-time. My research is funded by the AHRC UK (Northern Bridge) and investigates mobility in early medieval Britain (c. AD 300-1000) with a focus on cremated human remains.

My supervisory team consists of Profs Janet Montgomery (Durham University), Sarah Semple (Durham University), Christophe Snoeck (VUB), and Philippe Claeys (VUB).

Keywords: Bioarchaeology; Isotope analyses; Early medieval archaeology; Cremation; Mobility; Interdisciplinary archaeology