Theoretical High Energy Physics


Our research is supported in part in part by FWO-Vlaanderen via the research projects:

  • G012222N - Quantum complexity, quantum entanglement and the emergence of spacetime (B. Craps, V. Balasubramanian, 2022-2025)
  • iBOF/21/084 - Unlocking the Dark Universe with Gravitational Wave Observations: from Quantum Optics to Quantum Gravity (T. Hertog, A. Mariotti, A. Sevrin et al, 2021-2024)
  • G006119N – Duality, geometry and spacetime (A. Sevrin, C. Blair, D. Thompson, 2019-2022)
  • FWO International Research Infrastructure Einstein Telescope Project (T. Hertog, A. Sevrin et al, 2019-2022)
  • G006918N - Highly non-equilibrium holography (B. Craps, O. Evnin, 2018-2021)
  • FWOEOS6 - The H boson gateway to physics beyond the Standard Model (F. Maltoni, S. Lowette, A. Mariotti et al, 2018-2021).

Our research is also supported in part by the EU through the EFRO/INTERREG project R&D Field Lab Einstein Telescope Pathfinder (S. Hild, A. Sevrin et al., 2019-2022).

In addition, we benefit from several individual postdoctoral and PhD fellowships from FWO and the VUB Research Council.

Our research is furthermore supported by the VUB Strategic Research Program “High-Energy Physics”.