Prof. Dr.


Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Room 7G433; Tel: +32-2-6293261

Dr. Gao is experienced in chemical speciation and biogeochemistry of trace metals in environment. Has advanced the application of chemical extraction, including aqua regia extraction, CEM microwave digestion and ICP-MS in investigating metal speciation and bioavailability. Pioneered the techniques of DET (Diffusive Equilibrium in Thin Films) and DGT (Diffusive Gradients in Thin Films) and has applied these techniques in waters and sediments. Advanced the extraction of mercury and methylmercury in waters, sediments, biological samples and developed gel technique of DGT for mercury speciation in aquatic system.  Developing novel passive samplers for organic compounds and improving CALUX Bio-assay Screening technique. The research has advanced scientific understanding in several areas of environmental chemistry:

  1. biogeochemistry of trace metals in marine systems
  2. chemical speciation in aqueous environments
  3. dynamics of interactions between solution and solid phase in sediments
  4. the role of microniches in determining chemical processes in sediments