Yuwei Jia

PhD student funded by the China Scholarship Council (CSC)


Master, 2017-2020, South China Normal University, China

Bachelor, 2013-2017, East China University of Technology, China

A universal analytical technique that determines both inorganic and organic contaminants in aquatic systems.


Nowadays, environmental chemists are in search of a universal analytical technique that can determine both inorganic and organic contaminants in aquatic systems. The dynamic analytical technique of Diffusive Gradients in Thin-films (DGT) is an in situ and preconcentration method measuring the flux of the analyte, that can provide information about concentrations of metal complexes, dissociation rates of the complexes, and transport of the complex through a diffusive domain. The main objective of this project is to pioneer a novel DGT sampler using a multifunctional resin that allows simultaneous sampling of PAHs, EDCs and of toxic trace metals in aquatic systems, a device that does not exist today.

KEYWORDS: DGT, PAHs, EDCs, trace metal

SUPERVISORS: Prof. Yue Gao, Prof. Marc Elskens