Astronomy and Astrophysics


Extragalactic Astronomy

A new general topic that is being investigated at the VUB is extragalactic astronomy. This includes various subtopics, including:

  •     Galaxy kinematics
  •     Extraplanar gas and interstellar medium in general
  •     Radio galaxies in clusters


Final stages of stellar evolution

We investigate the evolution of stars of intermediate mass (less than 8 times the solar mass) which are close to the end of their lives.


Binary stars and population synthesis

An important topic of research in astronomy at the VUB within the Department of Physics is the field of theoretical computational astrophysics.

Radio emission from Cosmic Rays

At the astrophysics department of the VUB, a new method is used to infer cosmic-ray masses from the short radio flashes that are emitted when cosmic particles interact in the Earth's atmopshere. This research was awarded an ERC Research Grant.