Benoît SMETS

Department of Geography
Cartography and GIS
Vrije Universiteit Brussel


+32-2-629 33 82


I am a geoscientist working in the field of remote sensing, photogrammetry, geohazards and volcanology. I am half-time Assistant Professor in Remote Sensing at the Department of Geography of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Cartography and GIS Research Group) and half-time Senior Researcher in the Department of Earth Sciences of the Royal Museum for Central Africa (Natural Hazards Research Unit). My current research focuses on the use of optical and radar imagery to study geohazards and their interactions with urban environments. More specifically, I work with (In)SAR remote sensing, photogrammetry, UAV imagery and historical aerial photographs on case studies mostly located in Africa. Since 2007, I developed an expertise in the understanding of volcanic, magmatic and tectonic processes associated with the Lake Kivu rift basin and Virunga Volcanic Province, in the western branch of the East African Rift System.

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VeRSUS — Open-Vent Volcano Remote Sensing Monitoring Using Spaceborne Imagery
Belgian Science Policy Office, STEREO-III Programme, Contract N° SR/00/382 | 2019-2022
Coordinator: Benoît Smets (VUB/RMCA)
Other partners: Nicolas Theys (BIRA-IASB), Nicolas d’Oreye (ECGS/NMNH), Christoph Kern (USGS)
Personal role: Coordination, SfM photogrammetry, SAR-shadow measurements, thermal remote sensing 

PAStECA — Historical Aerial Photographs and Archives to Assess Environmental Changes in Central Africa
Belgian Science Policy Office, BRAIN-be Programme, Contract N° BR/165/A3/PASTECA | 2016-2022
Coordinator: Olivier Dewitte (RMCA)
Other partners: Gerard Govers (KUL), Eléonore Wolff (ULB)
Personal role: Development of the photogrammetric processing workflow for the historical aerial photographs

MUZUBI — MUlti Zone phase Unwrapping using advanced Split Band Interferometry
Belgian Science Policy Office, STEREO-III Programme, Contract N° SR/00/324 | 2015-2017
Coordinators: Dominique Derauw & Anne Orban (CSL)
Other partners: François Kervyn (RMCA), Nicolas d’Oreye (ECGS/NMNH),Yanina Rubio (Comahue National University)
Personal role: Validation of SBInSAR topographic products using very-high-resolution drone-based digital elevation models


MSc Geography (in English):

GIS Programming — 6 ECTS
Remote Sensing of the Environment — 3 ECTS