Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Department of Geography
Room M 005 (VSOA)
Pleinlaan 2
1050 Brussels | Belgium

+32-2-629 21 97

In my research, remote sensing, spatial analysis and GIS techniques are used to help cities meet the challenges they face posed by rapid urbanisation, unplanned growth and global environmental change.

My work strives to combine aspects of both fundamental and applied research while addressing societal challenges, supporting policy development and including valorisation. I have developed methods and applications to map urban green infrastructure, monitor and model land-use change, urban growth and the resulting environmental impacts. This includes, for example, forecasting the spatial impact of alternative planning scenarios for strategic environmental impact assessment, improving hydrological models that predict runoff in urban watersheds to assess flood risk, and developing indicators of urban vegetation abundance and accessibility of urban green spaces. 

My expertise includes:

  • Urban green infrastructure and ecosystem services
  • Urban remote sensing
  • Sub-pixel classification of medium resolution satellite data
  • Land-use change models
  • Geographic information systems
  • Python, ArcGIS and open-source GIS solutions
  • Machine-learning approaches in remote-sensing based image classification

Remote sensing data assimilation in modelling of urban dynamics (ASIMUD)
STEREO II (Support to the Exploitation and Research of Earth Observation data 2), Belgian Science Policy (BELSPO)  | 2011–2012
Coordinator: Guy Engelen (VITO)
Other partners: Frank Canters (VUB), Derek Karssenberg (Universiteit Utrecht, NL), Hans van der Kwast (VITO)

Measuring and modeling urban dynamics: Impact on quality of life and hydrology (MAMUD)
STEREO II (Support to the Exploitation and Research of Earth Observation data 2), Belgian Science Policy (BELSPO)  | 2007–2011
Coordinator: Frank Canters (VUB)
Other partners: Carlo Lavalle (EU-JRC), Rudi Goossens (UGent), Guy Engelen (VITO), Yves Cornet (ULg), Okke Batelaan (VUB), Marc Binard (ULg), Els Knaeps (VITO), Hans van der Kwast (VITO), Jef Dams (VUB), Frederick Tack (UGent), Leen van Esch (VITO), Mario Kasanko (EU-JRC), José Barredo (EU-JRC), Luca Demarchi (VUB)

Mapping update and analysis of the evolution of non-built (green) spaces in the Brussels Capital Region (ActuaEvol/09)
Brussels Institute for the Environment (BIM)  | 2009–2010

Intelligent data-integration services for spatial data updating (IDAS)
Incubator Geoinformation (IncGeo), in collaboration with Flemish Spatial Information Agency (AGIV)  | 2006–2007
Coordinator: Sidharta Gautama (UGent)
Other partners: Frank Canters (VUB), Philippe De Maeyer (UGent)

Improving spatial information extraction for local and regional decision makers using very-high-resolution remotely sensed data  (SPIDER)
STEREO I (Support to the Exploitation and Research of Earth Observation data 1), Belgian Science Policy (BELSPO)  | 2002–2006
Coordinator: Frank Canters (VUB)
Other partners: Robert De Wulf (UGent), Rudi Goossens (UGent), Eléonore Wolff (ULB), Jean-Paul Donnay (ULg)

Global scale biome classification and estimation of biome proportions using VEGETATION data (link)
TELSAT 4 (National Research Programme on Remote Sensing by Satellite 4), Belgian Science Policy (BELSPO | 2000–2001
Coordinator: Frank Canters (VUB)
Other partners: Herman Eerens (VITO), Else Swinnen (VITO), Frank Veroustraete (VITO)

Dynamics of the Antarctic ice cap and climate changes (A contribution to EPICA) (Antarctica phase IV)
European Project for Ice coring in Antarctica, Belgian Science Policy (BELSPO)  | 1999

Research into the development of road vulnerability maps for the 'social dimension' in strategic environmental impact assessment
Onderzoek naar de ontwikkeling van kwetsbaarheidskaarten ten aanzien van het thema 'mens'
Policy support research, Ministerie van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap - Departement Leefmilieu en Infrastructuur – Mobiliteitscel  | 1998–1999

Peer-reviewed journal articles

Van de Voorde, T., van der Kwast, J., Poelmans, L., Canters, F, Binard, M., Cornet, Y., Engelen, G., Uljee, I., Shahumyan, H., Williams, B., Convery, S., Lavalle, C. (2016). Projecting alternative urban growth patterns: The development and application of a remote sensing assisted calibration framework for the Greater Dublin Area. Ecological Indicators, 60: 1056−1069. (5y IF = 3.384)

Verbeiren, B., Van de Voorde, T., Canters, F., Binard, M., Cornet, Y., Batelaan, O. (2013). Assessing urbanisation effects on rainfall-runoff using a remote sensing supported modelling strategy. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation, 21: 92−102. (5y IF = 2.329)

Van de Voorde, T., Jacquet, W., Canters, F. (2011). Mapping form and function in urban areas: An approach based on urban metrics and continuous impervious surface data. Landscape and Urban Planning, 102: 143−155. (5y IF = 3.101)

Van de Voorde, T., De Roeck, T., Canters, F. (2009). A comparison of two spectral mixture modelling approaches for impervious surface mapping in urban areas. International Journal of Remote Sensing, 30: 4785−4806. (5y IF = 1.617)

Van de Voorde, T., Vlaeminck, J., Canters, F. (2008). Comparing different approaches for mapping urban vegetation cover from Landsat ETM+ data: A case study on Brussels, Sensors, 8: 3880−3902. (5y IF = 2.060)

Van de Voorde, T., De Genst, W., Canters, F. (2007). Improving pixel-based VHR land-cover classifications of urban areas with post-classification techniques. Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing, 73: 1017−1027. (5y IF = 1.727)

Full list of publications

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