Research Interests

  • Planetary Sciences
  • Asteroid and Comet Impact on Earth
  • Biogeoevolution of the Earth and Mass Extinctions
  • Biogeochemistry
  • Exo / Astrobiology
  • Global Changes and Paleoenvironmental Reconstructions
  • Geoarcheology
  • Environmental Geology

Ongoing Research

  • SAMBA Project (Search Antarctic Meteorite : Belgian Activities) and using meteorites to learn about the early solar system and planetary formation.
  • The formation of the Chicxulub crater (Yucatan - Mexico) and its relationship to the Cretaceous - Tertiary Boundary Event that let to the demise of the dinosaurs and 60% of the Earth fauna and flora.
  • The asteroid and/or comet showers throughout Earth History? Searching for periods of elevated extra-terrestrial fluxes of material in the geological record.
  • Astrobiology and the environmental context that made it possible for life to evolve.
  • Geoarcheology, from tracing the source of archeological artifacts to sustainable development in the ancien world.
  • Urban Environmental Geosciences: Better water management and reduction of inundation risk in Brussels.
  • Paleoclimate and paleoenvironment reconstructions using stable isotopes, in particular in speleothems and cave deposits.
  • Cyclostratigraphy and astro-calibration of the geologic time-scale, with particular focus to the Late Devonian.