Particle Phenomenology

The research activity of the Pheno Group is focused on phenomenology of physics Beyond the Standard Model (BSM) of particle physics. The objective is to provide a bridge between theory and experiments in the investigation of fundamental forces and matter components of the Universe. The research interests of the group cover a wide range of topics in particle physics, namely collider phenomenology, dark matter physics, astro-particle physics. The focus is towards BSM physics, such as supersymmetry, extra dimensions, models including new forces and matter. The purpose is to address fundamental question of high energy physics, such as the hierarchy problem, the origin and structure of dark matter, the matter anti-matter asymmetry. The investigations extends from the formulation of well motivated BSM models to their predictions for experimental detections. The pheno group is in particular very active in the study of BSM physics at colliders and important efforts are dedicated to the signatures of supersymmetry and/or of dark matter at the next LHC run, expected to deliver data in 2015.